Brembo 16RCS clutch master cylinder


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Brembo 16RCS clutch master cylinder with ratio click system for a 16×16 and 16×18 master cylinder all in one!

The 16mm piston is best suited for most motorcycle applications where the clutch slave piston diameter is 13 or 15mm.

Real Brembo, not counterfeit. Includes genuine Brembo anti-counterfeit card in sealed wallet.

    We Include:

  • Brembo 16RCS Clutch Master Cylinder
  • Single Banjo bolt
  • Section of Tygon tubing
  • New seal washers
  • Genuine Brembo anti-counterfeit card

Note: if you application requires a clutch switch please select 0626MQ20 single banjo pressure switch in the drop down list.

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