What it Takes

A lot of women see me in the shop and comment how I am their hero. While flattered, I am FAR from a hero or even a good role model.

Truth of the matter is I am just like any other person. I like to compare it to something I told a very good friend of mine. She said something along the lines of how she could never do what I do (work on bikes) and that she wish she knew how.

Here’s the cool thing, you can! See, my friend works at a local grocery story and has so for many years. About as long as I have been working on motorcycles. I brought up to her this point (bear with me here):


Me: M, can you tell me what the SKU is on a package of Rice Krispie Treats?

M: Absolutely! It’s xxxxx

Me: That’s exactly my point. I may be able to recite the specs on the clutch cover torque on a 2009 Ducati 1098 but I can’t tell you the sku number of Rice Krispies. It’s the same thing, we use the same part of our brain. It’s just experience.

So that’s it. It’s just experience. There are more things out in the world that I can’t do than what I can do. It’s all in what you immerse yourself into. The things you focus on and care to learn about.

If you want to learn how to work on bikes get out there and do it! Find a project bike and rebuild it. Help a friend or significant other next time he/she is in the shop. Find a mechanic that will let you shadow them.

The opportunity is out there and you have the ability within yourself. That’s all it takes, just get out there and do it.

PS: M has since stepped up from applying anti seize to bolts to helping with Ducati valve adjustments and fork rebuilds.