Sermons (Quick Tips)





We are motorcyclists first. Not business people or marketing gurus. We ride, and we enjoy everything motorcycle. We’d rather meet other riders and share our experiences, either bench racing or out in the motorcycling world, than anything else.

We’ve set up this page to share some of the knowledge we’ve learned over the many years of parts sales, riding and maintenance. If there are any videos you want made or articles written about something you’ve been curious about feel free to give us a shout at!

Quick Tips

Our shop has long been nicknamed "The Church of Speed".  It's an affectionate way to reference how we feel about
      We see bikes almost every day that are having issues because of lack of some of the
We all want the best performance from our bikes, and to accomplish it we need to understand the system we’re
We all need our guidance, and here’s a play on the rules for those who sometimes need a reminder: I.
from PJ: My Contribution…. I’ve got alot of experience, both years and miles. I’m by no means an expert, but